Basics of Energy Efficient Living: A Beginner's Guide to Alternative Energy and Home Energy Savings/by Lonnie Wibberding Check Availability

Whether you're building a new house or have an existing one, "Basics of Energy Efficient Living" shares the principles behind energy efficient living. Have you ever wondered: What is R-value? How much energy could I get from my creek? Can I use alternative energy in the city? How much heat will it take to keep my house warm? How much heat will I lose if I put in a bigger window? Learn what it takes to save energy, then take the next step and collect your own. Find out how much energy you can get from water, sun, wind, and wood. Discover how much energy you need by making an energy budget specific for your house. Learn energy principles as you design a house step-by-step.

Wibberding, LonnieBasics of energy efficient living: a beginner's guide to alternative energy and home energy savings / by Lonnie Wibberding