ASENSE-TEK, Lighting Passport Flagship Spectrometer Check Availability

Size/Shape of Spectrometer

The Lighting Passport devices all measures 2 ¾” wide (68.5 mm) x 5/8” thick (17 mm) x 2 ¼” tall (56 mm) and weighs 2 ¾ ounces (76.5 grams)

Since you need both the meter and your smartphone to take a measurement, technically the kit is larger. Additionally there are times when taking measurements requires both hands so some people might find it cumbersome. The Lighting Passport can come with a smartphone mount to make this easier. Another option, which I use a lot in the studio when testing lights and gels, is mounting the Lighting Passport spectrometer to a C-stand using a clamp or Cardellini clamp. Since the spectrometer communicates with your smart phone via Bluetooth, mounting it in out of reach places or attaching it to a long rod to test ceiling mounted lights isn’t a problem. This isn’t anywhere near possible with other spectrometers on the market since those require pushing buttons on the meter itself to take a reading.


The Lighting Passport spectrometers contain an internal battery that cannot be removed. It is charged via a USB cable, and can still be used when it is plugged in and charging.


Current Price (March 2018) is $1295 for the Lighting Passport Essence Pro and $2295 for the Lighting Passport Standard Pro.

There is an introductory spectrometer called the Lighting Navigator that is $750, however only the Lighting Navigator app works on it, which is a bare bones app that only gives the user color temperature (CCT), CRI (Ra), and Illuminance along with a spectrum of the light and the ability to compare the spectra from two fixtures.

User Experience

The entire line-up of Asensetek’s Lighting Passport spectrometers are very easy to use. The apps that process and present the information are intuitive and full of features. They are well thought out, easy to navigate, require very few steps to operate, and give massive amounts of information. A huge plus to having the processing done by an app is that they can easily be updated, improved, and new features added. Results from all apps can shared via text and email. Measurements from Spectrum Genius Mobile PLUS app can also be uploaded to a cloud-based system called Spectrum Genius where you can see other people’s light measurements.

Touch Screen Interface

Lighting Passport is as responsive as your smartphone. In other words, it is fast! In rare instances it can be a little slow between certain menus within the app, but relative to other spectrometers this really isn’t an issue. The graphics are vivid, colorful, and informative. Buttons for navigation are easy to click on, and scrolling/swiping through your records is as fast and fluid as you would expect on a smartphone or tablet.

Menu Navigation

The Lighting Passport is VERY straight forward. Upon opening the app, there are often just two clicks to get to the data sampling page. After sampling a light fixture, all data is presented in sequential screens that you swipe through.

Lighting Passport is created by a new instrument concept, it combines the smart device with the professional spectrum meter by the Bluetooth (BLE 4.0), with this system, Lighting Passport can be constantly updated and improved, and the measurement functions can also be expanded unceasingly.

The Five Characteristics of Lighting Passport:
■ The World’s First Smart Spectrometer
■ Slim and Compact
■ Evolving Platform
■ Quick Share
■ PC Analysis Software Support

■ The World’s First Smart Spectrometer

Lighting Passport is perfectly integrated with smart devices. With it, all applications can be constantly updated, and the users can get the most suitable measurement reports of light and photometry.

※ Lighting Passport can be used with the device of the iOS 10 and above version, as well as the device of the Android 5.0 and above version with BT4.0 (BLE, Bluetooth Low Energy) module. See if your device works with Spectrum Genius APP by checking.

■ Slim and Compact

The weight of Lighting Passport is 76.5g only, and the size is like the quarter of your passport. ( 17mm thickness)

ASENSETEKLighting Passport - Spectrometer2015ASENSE-TEK68.5mm X56mm X17mm (Set includes Lighting Passport, Special Carrying Bag, Clipper, Stand, USB Cable, Adaptor, and Parts.)SPECTRUM GENIUS App for the mobile devices: Support Lighting Passport, complete photometric measurement capabilities and immediate share function. "SPECTRUM GENIUS App" is available on Apple App Store.