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David WylieAdjustable Speed Drives2017Tustin, California ASWB Engineering September 2017Participant Workbook

This course addresses the relevant issues and the choices available regarding the use of adjustable speed drives (ASD) with electric motors, and demonstrates the energy cost savings and other benefits made possible by this technology. There are several "subsets" under the main category of adjustable speed drives which include specific techniques for controlling and adjusting the speed of motor operations. Some are adjustable frequency drives (AFD), clutches, magnetic coupling devices, switched reluctance devices, and others. We will also look at some of the traditional methods for modulating flow to meet a system's requirements including outlet dampers, inlet guide vanes, and throttling valves. Today, ASDs are often used in place of these control methods. Adjustable speed drive equipment is used in a variety of residential, industrial, commercial, and utility applications. ASD systems provide adjustable speed operation of motors that drive fans, blowers, compressors, and pumps for HVAC equipment and various industrial applications to control the speed and torque of electric motors.